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​About Us

The Munchkins' Mission began out of a need for educating folks about TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return), finding homes for the cats and kittens that kept making their way to Andrea, and stopping the cycle of over population by saving lives with each spay and neuter.  

We were granted our 501(c)3 non profit status in August, 2016, although we began back in August 2013 with two little kittens abandoned in a barn.  It has been non-stop ever since.  Andrea named us The Munchkins' Mission after her own rescues were found in a barn.  

Feline In Focus

Meet Butterscotch!  This handsome ginger male was living a rough and tumble feral life until he was live trapped in Suttons Bay.  He has been in foster care with The Munchkins' Mission since 2017 and we have watched him blossom into a silly, chatty, people loving guy.  He does prefer to be the only feline in his home but makes such a great companion.

Adoptable Cats
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